Graphic Design

Spot file 1

Use Our Template- Step One in setting up your spot file is easy. Simply make sure that you have your artwork properly set up within the template. This will ensure that your artwork file and your spot files are free of and misalignments pertaining to the canvas area, safe area and trim line.

Spot UV 2

Turn Off Layers- Make sure you DO NOT have the layer with the Chile Template turned on. The "exported" or "saved as" JPEGS should be exactly the way you want them to print.

Spot 3

Select Spot Areas - Next you will need to delete (or turn off the layers of) all objects, shapes, or text that you DO NOT WANT to have the spot UV on. Also be sure to remove (or turn off) any effects like drop shadows or glows. Make sure to bring all opacity back to 100%.

Spot 4

Create Spot Areas - The last step will be to select all objects, or text and change them to 100% Black (C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100). Taking care not move any of the objects, shapes, or text. These "spot files" should match up perfectly to the files from Step 2. Finally you will "export" or "save as" a CMYK, 300 DPI JPEG.