Quick Snapshot

300 dpi (dots per inch) CMYK color mode 1/8" (0.125) bleed all around even if the products doesn't bleed Outline all fonts and flatten all files We prefer Jpegs To Insure Proper Setup Please refer to the appropriate template for each product selected within the site. Each product category has a template available in .eps and jpeg for use with most popular graphic production software.

All Files must be flattened, to full print size at a minimum of 300dpi

Please allow for an 1/8" inch bleed around file for cutting purposes.
If you are unclear on what a bleed is please call
or download the template for the product you are printing.

Color Mode

All files should be submitted in CMYK color mode. RGB files will not be processed.
Files we do not accept.
Microsoft or Desktop publishing files such as:
Word, Power Point, Publisher.